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100 Indispensable Personal Branding Tips

by Mohammed on November 16, 2010

Last month we brought you 100 Social Media tips that you need to carry with you to 2011; this month it’s all about Personal Branding. 50 of those are quotes and tips from branding experts and the rest are based on our experience. So without further adieu, let the countdown begin:

100 – Accept people for who they are. Accept yourself, without judgment, as you are.

99 – Set your vision as “BE THE BEST!”

98 – Be consistently delivered.

97 – Upgrade yourself to a new version of YOU but don’t upgrade to another person.

96 – Treat others the way you want to be treated.

95 – Pay no attention to those who say it can’t be done.

94 – Surround yourself by self-disciplined people who’ll encourage not destroy you.

93 – People respect individuals who are original.

92 – Be a role model for everyone who follows you.

91 – Don’t compare yourself with others, let’s others do that.

90 – The first step in personal branding is self-discovery.

89 – If you want to earn more, you must increase your worth, your value to others.

88 – Never discount the value of the smallest connection.

87 – Listen to yourself. Trust your inner voice. Go with the flow of your own personality.

86 – REMEMBER: Having a social media presence doesn’t necessarily mean your brand will flourish overnight.

85 – Invest in human relationships and not in $$$ transactions.

84 – Don’t hide what makes you different. You know, It takes courage to be different.

83 – Do not denigrate your competitors.

82 – An excellent way to build your personal brand is to become known as a problem solver.

81 – Carve your niche, and then own it.

80 – Careful what you post on your social networks, nothing goes unseen.

79 – Whatever you are doing online, be HUMAN. Technology tools are just a tools.


77 – Stories are the basic fundamentals of every brand. Have you created your story? Have you developed your emotional connection? ~ @KylePLacy

76 – You must be the best for you before you can be your best for others. ~ @WalterAkana

75 – Make sure you take time out to replenish yourself. ~ @DarrenHardy

74 – The closer you can get to the true you, the happier and richer you will be. ~ @nancerosen

73 – Just be yourself. To pretend to be something (or someone) you’re not increases the chances that you will not be happy and/or successful in your career. ~ @TheJobQuest

72 – Take control of your future and position yourself and your personal brand for growth and the opportunities you want before others do it for you! ~ @CareerRocketeer

71 – Don’t reinvent without help and support. Build connections, solicit support, and find mentors. ~ @myreinventure

70 – Be the you that you are most proud of — that’s the authentic you. ~ @MalcolmLevene

69 – Be yourself – being anyone else will fit you like a bad suit. ~ @pdejager

68 – You do not excel through wishing, you must discover, craft and continually fuel your personal brand’ ~ @pathfindernig

67 – To stand out, not to fit in. To make connections, not to be an invisible cog. To do otherwise is a loss. ~ Seth Godin

66 – ‎Only those who constantly retool themselves stand a chance of staying employed in the years ahead. ~ @tom_peters

65 – It’s critical to keep your community in mind and develop your online presence in a way that demonstrates your relevance and brand value to the people you serve. ~ @WalterAkana

64 – The content you create influences your perceived value. ~ @ChadALevitt

63 – Consistency is key, for the more consistent all of your own marketing efforts are both online and offline, the more powerful and memorable your personal brand impression will be on all current and prospective stakeholders in your career. ~ @HajjFlemings

62 – Act like a company. Companies have to act like people in order to communicate to customers online. As personal brands, we need to think like companies and have a clear position and brand strategy. ~ @DanSchawbel

61 – There is no greater gift your personal brand can receive than a recommendation, referral, or testimonial. ~ @HeatherHuhman

60 – The best legacy is one that can be lived before it is left behind. ~ @mikemyatt

59 – Each one of us needs to assume personal responsibility by becoming the CEO of our own roles and leaders within current positions. ~ @_Robin_Sharma

58 – Your personal brand should be authentic—it should reflect your true character. It should be built on your dreams, purpose, values, uniqueness, genius, passion, specialization, characteristics, and favorite activities. ~ Hubert Rampersad

57 – The energy you spend trying to make sure your adversary does not get ahead is energy you could be spending to strengthen your own skills, enhance your learning and advancing your own career by providing value. Holding another person back does not provide any value. ~ @MargaretMeloni

56 – Remember to do something for your brand that is offline. It’s not all about building an online brand. ~ @PaulCopcutt

55 – Be consistent. Communicate your message clearly and frequently. When it is crystal clear, those around you will be able to communicate it on your behalf. ~ @WilliamArruda

54 – Next time you have a success experience, instruct your subconscious to park it by the front door for easy access later. ~ @SandersSays

53 – A relationship – and a brand – isn’t created overnight. Work to cultivate these relationships for the better part of your life, and you’ll be amazed at what kind of doors open. ~ @DanSchawbel

52 – Every day ask yourself: How can I communicate my unique value message today?  ~ @MegGuiseppi

51 – It’s never too early to start building your brand, and it’s never too late. You need to come up with a brand strategy and development plan if you want to be successful. ~ @DanSchawbel

I know you’re expecting 50 more, but @JohnAntonios stole them from me… don’t worry, I got you the link, but please don’t tell him I gave it to you! It’s our little secret ;)

You can follow the personal branding experts on Twitter just with one click from my most followed list.

                     You’re doing pretty well already. And you’re just now getting started.

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1 Yinka olaito
Twitter: pathfindernig
December 10, 2010 at 10:01 AM

great tips that help, well done
Yinka olaito´s last blog post ..Brand’s habit- How to cultivate great habit that leads to success


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2 Sara Kmiecik January 15, 2011 at 12:23 PM

Wow, great list! I will definitely be sending this to my friends who are trying to brand themselves.


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3 Raj Gohil
Twitter: Focus_IT_UK
January 26, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Great quotes and tips as always Mohammed! There’s always something new to learn from these quotes.
Raj Gohil´s last blog post ..IT Recruitment Market To Improve In 2011


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