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6 Ways To Destroy Your Personal Brand

by Mohammed on January 18, 2010

This is the 1st article of 1212 project. I hope this will enlighten you.

Building a strong personal brand means avoiding all the mistakes that can destroy your personal brand. Here are 6 mistakes that could ruin your personal brand and set you behind the competition.

1 – Pretend To Be An Expert Or Guru

To have a good reputation, you have to keep it real. People can see whats right when you try to be someone you’re not.

Don’t position yourself as an expert or an influencer. Let people around you say who you are. I have been recognized as one of the world’s leading 60 Personal Branding experts on Twitter. I didn’t request that from Jacob Share or tweet that I’m expert, or please call me an expert!

2 – Taken Yourself Too Seriously

Don’t take the concept of Personal Branding too seriously; Just manage your presence to the outside world as you manage it at your home with your family and friends. Pay attention to: What people are saying about you? What you say online? And who you are connecting with?

If you take your online identity, you will be afraid of what you post and share online. Yes, I agree to share what represent your brand but don’t share something stupid online, Your Life History is Not Private Anymore! if you want to keep something private, DON’T SHARE IT ONLINE.

3  – Not CEO Yourself

You can always become someone else but it won’t guarantee you success all the time.

You have your own company so don’t let other brand it for you, take the control for your rudder and move on with the real you.

Don’t be normal employee at your company who is just doing routine work to get the salary, you are part of the community, you are part of forever so stop being the one who is looking for others to grow. Its the time to get up and know YOU, find what values your brand represent? What words would you like people to use to describe you when you are not there? Does Your Avatar Align With Your Personal Brand?

4 – Wear A Spammer Attitude

Nothing will destroy your personal brand more quickly than spamming your network, whether with boring status or twitting your business ads to your followers 1000 times/day. If you are expert in your fields then that’s why people following you or having you on their network, be wise when it comes to yourself, think about them. I suggest to use Chris Brogan ratio: 12:1 (12 them, 1 me).

Today, people on Twitter are following people who add value to them not spam them, things are changed and the value of Twitter became more valuable.

5 -  Lurker

You could have an excuse for being isolated if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Wave, etc. weren’t available but in today’s Web 2.0 revolution, you just need to plug your favorite device to the Internet and start communicating. Conversation is King and you can be a great communicator using the free social media tools.

Did you recognize WE at the center of poWEr?

We are lucky today, I’m networking with people I never expect to talk with them one day, I interviewed experts I never expect they will accept my invitation.  All the free tools are there for you.  Find WE in The most poWErful way to build relationships and start engaging in the social networks.

Relationships are everything, build time for your relationships into every day, no matter how busy you get.

6 – Being Invisible

Unless you have a life time job, then you don’t have a reason to be invisible.

If you are on the other side of planet then I don’t know you unless you are visible online. Visibility doesn’t mean you email me boring stuff on Email or chat with me on messenger one day. Today’s visibility is about social networking, the way we interact, ask questions and start conversations on social media. The opportunities are there whether its employment, business start-up or even personal development but you have to sign in online and start the show.

Dan Schawbel said: “The future of personal branding is a marketplace, where the top talent receive the most visibility and everyone else sinks to the bottom.  We will be treated like products and be rated and commented on, where positive interactions equal new opportunities and negative ones diminish your brand value publicly.”

— — —

Don’t take the concept of Personal Branding too seriously; Just manage your presence to the outside world. Pay attention to: what’s said about you, what you say online and people you connect with.

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1 yinka olaito
Twitter: pathfindernig
January 20, 2010 at 9:36 AM

This advice is accurate and ptrecise.But I do believe once a while one should take credit for who he/she without overdoing it.


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2 Mohammed Al-Taee January 20, 2010 at 9:38 AM

yinka olaito This advice is accurate and precise.

Thanks Yinka … agree with you.


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3 Zaid F. Baqer January 20, 2010 at 9:40 AM

Its really valuable advices Man. Thx.


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4 Mohammed Al-Taee January 20, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Zaid F. Baqer: Its really valuable advices Man. Thx.  

Thanks Zaid … glad you like it.


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