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A Lesson From a Non Personal Branding Expert

by Mohammed on December 10, 2009

Ms. SameraDecember 10, 2009 I met my art teacher Ms. Samera. She was my teacher at the primary school before 20 years ago. She still lived in Baghdad where no day passed without hundreds of innocent people passed away because of terrorist attacks. How sad :(

Once she came my home and met my mother, she started remembering the old days, she said I still remember where he sit in the class and how he chant the Iraqi national anthem. She remembered what differentiate me from others, in today’s dictionary: She Remembered my Personal Brand.

We went through different conversations and how life is changing too fast. I explained how technology has changed our life and how we able to communicate immediately with anyone in the world in seconds. Then, we went into discussion of people’s values and how that changed as everybody becomes busy with the internet, she said:

Despite of the technologies and modern life we are living today, there are values that we built into you, what you do behind that is a reflection of your core values.

That is the best quote I heard since years and its totally right. If your parents build the right values or brand attributes in you then your job is keep them because you own our life and brand. If you control your life offline then you can control it online. Its all depends on YOU.

Some people started to hell personal branding recently because its scaring people from doing online activities. Well, here is my say to them. If you have the right values and you own your life then nobody can scary you because everything is authorized by you, all your actions and behaviors are approved by you. If you did something stupid online then its your problem. They already remind not preventing you.

I think some people luck having control of their life so they start to blame others. Its all about your core values whether you are online or offline. Anything you do online is a reflection of your offline values if you are authentic to self.

Remember: You are the only one who has a full control of your reputation management system.

Andre Agassi made sensational confession recently that he lied to the tennis authorities to escape a ban for taking hard drugs. Yes, he was authentic with the confession but his reputation system got a new negative record. He has the control of that record. Many examples are there: Tiger woods, David Letterman, etc.

I can go more with the post but Ms. Samera’s lesson was clear even she didn’t use the Internet one day. Thank you for being my teacher. I love you.

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1 yinka olaito
Twitter: pathfindernig
December 11, 2009 at 10:45 AM

her advice is extremely correct and should be incorporated into personal branding plan. it works better that way


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2 Mohammed Al-Taee December 11, 2009 at 11:01 AM

yinka olaito: her advice is extremely correct and should be incorporated into personal branding plan. it works better that way  

Great to have a conformation from a personal branding expert for my teacher’s advice.

Thank You!


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3 Luay Rahil
Twitter: luayrahil
December 12, 2009 at 8:27 AM

Live your values online and offline.


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4 Mohammed Al-Taee December 12, 2009 at 10:05 AM

Luay Rahil: Live your values online and offline.  

Exactly Mr. Luay.


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5 Mona Hulusi December 13, 2009 at 12:57 PM

Nice article Mohammed!
Simply this is the life, it may takes a days to meet a wonderful people that you didn’t see from a long time ,they came just to give you a useful tips and values that can help you to be the best , to get your great brand .

And as Ms. Samira said :” In spite of modern technologies, and the life we live today, there are values that we are at the heart of you, what you do beyond that is a reflection of your core values”.
Thank you Ms. Samira to gave us your wise words which was an important to remind us about what we have !
We believe that there was many people could achieve their brand by their wonderful reputation and distinctive … by core values which they were grew up with … your father was the biggest example who could build his brand through his values which he grew up with and also could assist you in your life in order to become a successful man.

We can only say that we must look to our self and to the all values which helped us to built this successful life , will help us to get a great brand, we also need to look to our hidden values which maybe will be useful for us and for others.


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