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Brand Conversation with City Sylvester

by Mohammed on September 28, 2010

Today, I spoke with City Sylvester, City is a Personal Branding Consultant and Coach. He is a master of the relationships we have with ourselves, and communicating our core beliefs to the outside world, in a way that’s authentically true. Some where along the path in life some may have gotten lost, his passion is aligning careerist and Gen Y entrepreneurs to the paths they were meant to live. I recently interviewed by City to share my branding story, read it on his blog.

You can connect with City via @Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Mohammed: How do you explain “Personal Branding” to someone who just heard about the term?

City: Effective Personal Branding takes you from where you think you are, shows you exactly where you stand, and establishes a plan for where you authentically need to be. Often when people first hear the term “Personal Branding” they think of branding an individual like you would a lifeless product, but human beings are dynamic, and can’t be squeezed into small boxes, and topped with perfect bows. Personal Branding is a proactive way of dealing with life, it’s us waking up and taking control of our destinies.

Mohammed: For students, recent graduates and Gen Y in general, how their reputation 2.0 strategy should be?

City: The first thing would be, owning your name by registering it with a domain registrar.

The second thing, Brand your social media profiles with your full name ex: facebook.com/citysylvester

The third thing, Converse on topics you’re passionate about when using social media, and stay out of conversations that you wouldn’t be comfortable discussing in public.

Mohammed: What is the one essential thing that everyone has to know about branding?

City: Whether we realize it or not, we’re being branded. Positive and negative images are being attached to us daily, and branding has given us the power to choose those images. Done right, branding will change the way the world sees you, done wrong you’ll end up with the same outcome.

Brand Word: Trophies are meant to be won and loss. Don’t hold on to the material things as much as the experiences that made getting them possible.   Discover what you’re passions are in life before you begin any branding strategy. “Only you can make or break yourself”

Spotlight:  I offer one on one consulting for re-strategizing and creating personal brand profiles for careerist and Gen Y entrepreneurs.

I recommend Managing Brand You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self for people interest to read more about personal branding.

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September 28, 2010 at 5:33 PM

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1 Luay Rahil
Twitter: luayrahil
September 28, 2010 at 6:46 PM

Thanks for sharing, the five points in the video were amazing, thanks agian
Luay Rahil´s last blog post ..Is it about Numbers


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2 Mohammed September 28, 2010 at 11:43 PM

Thanks for sharing, the five points in the video were amazing, thanks agian

Thanks Luay :)


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3 Karl "City" Sylvester October 4, 2010 at 3:44 AM

Hey Mohammed, sorry this is coming so late but thanks! Wow, loved how you put this together. I abandoned video marketing for a while, but now I’m back in it again. Will have some great new stuff coming out soon.

As always Mohammed you rock! :)


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