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Brand Conversation with Laura DeCarlo

by Mohammed on May 4, 2010

Today, I spoke to Laura DeCarlo, Laura is a resume writing expert, career coach and author. She has over 17 years of expertise in resume writing, career coaching and career management as Executive Director of a Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC and President of Career Directors International, an innovative association of career professionals.

She holds nine industry certifications from Certified Expert Resume Writer to Master Career Director along with a dual BA in Creative / Technical Writing and extensive HR, Training and Counseling graduate studies. 

You can connect with Laura via @Twitter @Facebook @LinkedIn

Mohammed: “The CEO of the Container Store, says he hires fewer people at higher salaries than lots of people at average salaries.” Do you agree that companies should increase not decrease salaries to get a productive outcome and loyalty?

Laura: That’s absolutely always been my philosophy in selecting, hiring, and successfully retaining top performers for my practice and those of the employers I served.

As a former placement specialist, I have coached employers to think ‘quality’ and ‘retention’ over ‘quantity’ and ‘turnover’ – it’s truly the best way to get off the costly rollercoaster of repeat hiring and training, and to maintain a higher caliber of service and performance. Let’s face it – talented and motivated professionals won’t stay productive, motivated, or engaged for long if they are under-paid. I truly believe you will save money, and even make money, in the long run because of the customers who will stay because of the quality, consistency, and performance of a well-trained, well-motivated, and well-compensated workforce.

Mohammed: Today, what are hiring organizations looking for in candidates?

Laura: Granted, factors can change from industry to industry. However, the number one competency that employers seem to desire across the spectrum is communication skills. Degrees and specialized knowledge can pale over an individual who is likeable, flexible, and fits the company’s culture – you can always be trained! Additional strengths desired typically include teamwork, multi-tasking, and comfortable with technology.

Mohammed:  If you already have a job and hate it, should you quit? What should someone do about their situation?

Laura: That’s somewhat of a loaded question because there are again so many influencing factors. Sometimes it’s just burnout and not the job at all – if you liked the job once and factors have not changed, then the individual needs to cultivate outside hobbies and activities to become rejuvenated; a vacation or a new job just won’t do it because the problems will again manifest wherever he/she goes.

However, if there are real factors of dissatisfaction – a bad boss, no opportunities for moving up in the organization, or a true disdain for the job responsibilities – then it is time to get out! This is the perfect time to consult with a career coach or counselor to identify the dream job and how to get there. A coach or counselor can also help navigate more minor challenges in which the job can be kept.

Brand Word: I have so many favorite quotes on perseverance, motivation, attitude, and planning. But, truly the most simple and consistent path to success never fails:

“Never, never, never…give up!” ~ Winston Churchill

Spotlight: Visit Career Directors International www.careerdirectors.com and click on our Job Seeker Tools link to access free resources, tools, and expert advice on resume writing, job search, career management, and salary negotiation. Ranked as a Top 50 Job Seeker Tool site by the U.S. Department of Labor in their Career Tool Challenge.

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