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Brand Conversation with Seth Godin – Part 2

by Mohammed on August 30, 2010

Today, I spoke again to Seth Godin, Seth is the author of Linchpin: Are You Indispensable, as well as the bestselling author of Tribes, The Dip, Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, and other international bestsellers that have changed the way business people think and act.  His books have been translated into +20 languages. He’s the most influential business blogger in the world and consistently one of the 25 most widely read bloggers.  He’s also the founder of Squidoo.com. He holds an MBA from Stanford, and was called “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age” by Business Week. If you miss part 1 of the interview, you can read it from here. Today’s interview is about his latest bestselling book Linchpin.

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Mohammed: “If you are remarkable, amazing, or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all.” Instead of having traditional paper resume, are you saying to have firstnamelastname.com, informative blog or you want all of us to have a product that attached to our name so it can speak on our behalf?

Seth: Why bother having a resume?

The short version is: do work that means something. Build a reputation. Earn permission to talk to the key people in your industry. When you are that person, people call you, you don’t need a resume.

Mohammed: “If your Google search isn’t what you want (need) it to be, then change it.” Are you talking about SEOs strategies and building a social media profiles to have our names found when someone Google us?

Seth: I’m saying that Google is awfully good at exposing what the world is saying about you. If that’s not showing up, it’s because the world probably isn’t saying it. The answer isn’t SEO. The answer is to do work that matters and that resonates with people. Then Google will take care of itself.

You can read part 1 of the interview from here.

Mohammed: “The resistance will help find the thing you most need to do because it is the thing the resistance most wants to stop.” How can I fight the resistance? Is self-talk one of the strategies?

Seth: I’d start with Steve Pressfield’s book, THE WAR OF ART. But yes, self-talk makes a huge difference.

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1 Luay Rahil
Twitter: luayrahil
August 31, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Thanks for great interview, I enjoyed it. I dont worry about SEO, I do represent myself the best way I can, and google will take care of the rest. :)
Keep the hard work
Luay Rahil´s last blog post ..Personal Branding Simplified


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2 City Sylvester September 12, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Seth Goddin always seems to have the right answers. Just a unique personality attached to an abstract mind.

Awesome interview Mohammed, you are doing an amazing job at staying motivated and inspiring others :) Don’t stop buddy, you’re on your way to being a star.
City Sylvester´s last blog post ..5 Amazing Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand!


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