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Brand Conversation with Tim Tyrell-Smith

by Mohammed on June 15, 2010

Today, I spoke to Tim Tyrell-Smith, Tim is the founder of Tim’s Strategy: Ideas for job search career and life, a fast growing blog and website.  Tim is also the author of: 30 Ideas. The Ideas of Successful Job Search.  Tim’s Strategy began in September 2008 as a way to give back to the community that supported Tim during his own 2007 job search.  Tim writes and creates from the perspective of a hiring manager and a former job seeker focusing on the strategy and psychology of successful job search.  As well as on the larger topic of career and its impact on life.

You can connect with Tim via Linkedin | Facebook | @Twitter

Mohammed: What’s the most important when you search for a new job? a) Invest in yourself, i.e. training courses, certifications, starting a personal blog, etc. b) Hire career coach and create a complete marketing documents. c) Online social networking.

Tim:  Thanks Mohammed for the chance to share a few ideas with your readers.  I think all three items above have value for job seekers depending on their particular situation.  And for some job seekers, there is value in an upfront investment to create a resume or CV that quickly communicates your unique benefits.  A career coach and/or resume expert can make for a smart spend.  Career coaches can be a huge help in framing your experience in a way that hiring managers will see as powerful.  They can also be a great resource as you prepare for a big interview.  And, finally, online social networking has really become an essential skill, hasn’t it?

Mohammed: Many people are forced in today’s recession to work in more than a job, is it OK to have multiple job titles? How that will affect their personal brand and does employers/HR will understand that?

Tim:  I think that the idea of having multiple job titles will, over time, become more acceptable.  Today, however, it presents a tricky situation.  Most employers expect they’ll have you for the full day and may shy away from your candidacy if they see that you have a number of jobs requiring your time.  Right now in this economy, job seekers are battling employer risk.  Meaning that if an employer sees hiring you as a risk (you might leave, be less dedicated, take too long to learn the industry), someone else will likely be hired in your place.  Also true of job seekers who have created a consulting business in the interim.  A hiring manager will wonder if the business will continue after they hire you.  Some suggest you only include the biggest current or prior role to prevent the “risk” discussion.  Your personal brand is defined by all the things that you do personally (if public) and professionally.  So, yes, if the many jobs you have are totally unrelated, there is some risk.  But I believe that as long as the different jobs, roles or actions contribute positively to the world, the risk is limited.

Mohammed: You mentioned “Be A Super Connector” as one of the10 Ways To Become A Person Of Influence“, what your top three ways to be a super connector in today’s social media revolution?

Tim:  Being a super connector means that you are highly aware of the needs and skills of your network.  And that you are always listening for a fit every time you meet someone new.

First, maintain a finger on the pulse of your network.  What jobs are they looking for, who are they looking to hire and what problems are they looking to have solved?

Second, as you meet new people, ask them similar questions to see if there are natural, obvious connections you can make.

Third, personally connect people via email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  By suggesting connections that make sense, you will build influence and friends.  By connecting people who gain value from each other.

Brand Word:

Be open to new things in life and take action on your ideas.  There are so many opportunities to do this (virtually risk and cost free) in the new social media world.

Spotlight: One of the most popular pages on timsstrategy.com is the free downloads page http://timsstrategy.com/free-downloads/ There are templates, tools and e-books available.  These include a resume/CV template, a networking bio template, an interview preparation tool, a tool to evaluate a job offer and much more!

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