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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brand Invades Amman City

by Mohammed on October 21, 2009

It is not new that strong personal brand can play a major success for corporate brands. A human brand is like a leader, people follow and trust what a leader say.

Oprah is great example of famous strong personal brand. Oprah’s Book Club is a place where Word Of Mouth (WoM) spread at the speed of light not  only because its Oprah’s brand but because Oprah gives you why you should buy this book and what was her experience with the book. Its real experience not just a way to get money.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of my favorite football players (soccer in American dictionary), he transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United in a deal worth €94m (US$132m). Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand is unique and that is enough to attract hundreds of companies for commercial ads but who wins? Yes, who pay more.

The latest Ronaldo’s ad is for Clear Shampoo for men. Ronaldo did the 30C. Ronaldo seconds for $$$ and shows the sport side of him to promote the product but wait? What did he say at the end?

“I Use Clear for Man”, I don’t think Ronaldo used Clear or at least heard about it before but it is matter of how much money he got for making  this commercials. If it is not Clear then it could be any shampoo brands that Ronaldo play the role for so it is not matter of real experience.

I have been using  “Clear” since a year and that’s OK for me. However, I made a survey and asked my friends. Would you buy “Clear” after Ronaldo’s commercial ad?

Most of them reposed with NO! I’m sure millions of people will buy it because Ronaldo’s brand associate with it but people think and they know its just an ad. My point here is that companies can full benefit from commercial’s ad if they just add the real experience for using their products, like Oprah who read the books before giving her recommendation. Its real not acting.

Today, Ronaldo’s posters are placed everywhere in Amman, Jordan. You don’t move 500 meters without seeing him. Taxi drivers said that they are seeing him more than their  family. I wish if Clear used Ronaldo more than just a Robot.

C. Ronaldo

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1 Firas Steitiyeh October 21, 2009 at 2:32 PM

I have to agree with you that the Clear campaign is aggressive and I don’t think that it is just in Jordan, since they are playing it on TV as well so I think it’s regional. My comment might be long, but I want to share something with you and the readers.

We all know that behind each Ad there are three main factors, The message, The recipient and the communication method or media. And recently we have seen a lot of companies getting celebrities to represent their brand, Pepsi, KIA, Adidas, Nike, Coke, LG, Samsung and much more, and I believe that the main reason behind having a celebrity representing brand within a campaign, is to grab the attention of the recipient and then deliver the proper message, but unfortunately what is happening these days specially with Clear’s campaign is that the celebrity (Ronaldo) is grabbing the WHOLE attention and therefore there is no message being delivered or communicated from the Ad, it’s being like branding for Ronaldo instead of Advertising and Branding for clear!

That is my personal opinion and experience actually, i have been seeing the ads everywhere in Amman and never read a word!


Firas Steitiyeh


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2 Mohammed Al-Taee October 21, 2009 at 3:17 PM

Hello Firas,

As you said, clear associate Ronaldo’s brand as many other brands did. However, if we back to your factors, I don’t think the message is clear.

The marketing message should goes beyond “I Use Clean for Man”, I’m sure that Clear can extend their recipients if they just Ex: Let Ronaldo wash his head after the training or thinking of Clear shampoo instead of scoring a goal, etc.

The ad is regional and making good money in Japan and other countries but wonder if Clear will have high ROI.

Thanks for your comment.


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3 Anti Dandruffs November 5, 2009 at 5:28 PM

Clear has been very active right now in promoting there products, soon, they might overcome Head and Shoulder.


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4 Mohammed Al-Taee November 12, 2009 at 5:55 PM


Ya, I agree!


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5 justin lopez September 18, 2011 at 9:58 PM

i wanted to know were could i get a my own CLEAR MAN.


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