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Four Changes I Wish Facebook Would Make

by Mohammed on August 10, 2009

I inspired this post after reading Chris Brogan’s post about Three Changes I Wish Facebook Would Make I have come across more things that I wish Facebook would add or do it differently. I couldn’t find a way to contact  Facebook directly for suggestions so If you know, please pass it to them or let me know how in the comment box.

Four Changes I Wish Facebook Would Make

1 - If I like a status or link to informative resources, I have either to retweet it immediately or bookmark the link for future reading. A small favorite icon will  let us have a great hub of resources on the Facebook network.


2 - Add two security questions  to answer prior to change Facebook password or Email. In case your Email, Facebook account  or Fan page compromised, no one will able to change your password and your account can be restored back at any time.

3 - Sometimes I have question but as soon as I update my status, the question went down and I have to write it again. I would recommend to add re-publish or a stick bottom for status update to keep the status at the top no matter how many times I change my status.


4 - One time I had around 20 notifications for a photo I commented on,  it was a chat between two of  my friends and that continued for 3 days! It is OK to get notifications but it annoying sometimes. I would suggest adding “Stop Tracking Notifications” for each notification I get involved in.

What do you think? Do you need those things on your Facebook profile?

Have a Great Day!

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