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Gary Vaynerchuk’s 10 Advices to Small Business Owners #ASBS

by Mohammed on June 3, 2012

After meeting Seth Godin in Tribeca in NYC, I attended America’s Small Business Summit 2012 in Washington, DC which organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce celebrating its 100 year anniversary with more than 700 small business owners from across the nation. The links above have all the details about the event, it was informative and fun.

One of the reasons to attend the summit is to meet Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary is inspiring and hit the bottom line always. I will share 10 advices from his speech to small business owners. Share, add, tweet, or just say hi if you like the post.

1 – “If you are not going to twitter.com/search every single day of your business life, you are doing a big mistake. twitter.com/search is the single most important website on the Internet.”

2 – “Innovation doesn’t care about one person in this room, Innovation doesn’t care about anybody, it just move and run you over.”

3 – “People aren’t looking at the billboards. They aren’t even looking at the f**king road.”

4 – “Marketing just get hard, one on one marketing is the new marketing.”

5 – “We are living in the biggest culture shift of our time; the Internet is the baby, I am not taking about Facebook, Twitter and the tools that built on top on it. I am talking about the web, these social network sites are over thrown governments that has strength on their society for 40 years and you have the audacity to sit in this room right now and nothing impacting your bottom line, shame on you.”

6 – “We are going back to small town rules, we are going to a place where our parents and grandparents lives. Technology is bringing us back to a hyper-local marketplace … context is king.”

7 – “The majority people don’t see the right side of the website because they know that where the ads are. We are not looking there, our eyes trained to not even see it.”

8 – “I am not a tech enthusiast, I can less for Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinerest, etc., I have no love for the gadgets, none of it. The only thing I like to do is sell stuff.”

9 – “We are shockingly good to each other. We are an amazing people. Data shows few bad things actually happen.”

10 – “This is big! and in 20, 30 years you gonna wake-up… and it will be bigger! This type of wave doesn’t stop. We are going to different places and If you are not marketing on Facebook pages and Twitter, If you want to reach females and you dont have Pinterest board … you are in a big trouble.”

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