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If You Find Your Product Stuck, Try Marketing 2.0 To Sell More

by Mohammed on December 8, 2009

NO matter how good your product is, no matter how many times you failed to market your products, no matter how much money you spent on advertising,  etc., Today, Its matter if you are:

  • Not on Twitter
  • Not on Facebook
  • Not setting Google alerts for your product name
  • Not Branded your product
  • Not Social Network your clients

If you like or not, we are in Web 2.0 age and living under the mercy of technology so not having a marketing 2.0 strategy is just a waste of time and a favor for your competitors to dominate the market as they realized that technology is to promote their brand and to shortcut the way to sell more. If you want to step ahead from others then  jump into the following tools NOW before the water becomes polluted.

Not on Twitter

If you know that Twitter is Top Social Media Platform at Fortune 100 Companies then you realize that Twitter is not a prestige but a listening  tool to tweets – conversations.

Tony Hsieh – Zappos CEO Official Tweeter needs no introductions. His tweets has been earned through diligently building up a reputation of customer service. More than 1.5M followers earned by listening to customers and fans, he have time to respond to each and every tweet, any tweet could be a reason for more sells and more customer loyalty so no way to miss one.

Zappos TweetMany examples are there too.

Twitter conversation

Not on Facebook

As of today, Facebook now serves 300+ million people across the world.  Having account there is a must and having a fan page for your product is indeed. Not necessarily to have 1000000 fans, 100 fans from your audience is more than enough, viral effect can handle the others. Quick guide: HOW TO: Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Conversation

Not Setting Google Alerts for Your Product Name

You can set alerts via Twitter, Yahoo but dominating more than 60% of the search engine industry is enough for setting Google alert for your brand name. Tracking what customers said is your way to expand your audience and having people that could use your product as a Word Of Mouth (WOM).

Yinka Olaito said in a recent post: Customer buys stuff, complains about services he feels are not measuring up and eventually recommends those he thinks will be beneficial to family and friends. So for any brand idea to be successful, take the idea to the final user first, enter the shoe of the customer, think like one. Move ahead and experience the service from different stand point. This will give a clue on how best to empathize, promote best usage of brand idea among final users.

Not Branded Your Product

A brand is more that just a name, it may includes a color, a role model associate with it, a logo, statement etc. Your website, blog, Youtube channel and other social media tools should reflect your brand product or service. Ex: Whats the Color of Your Brand?

Color Your Brand

Not Social Network Your Clients

A client come and another go but FREE social networks are in your hand, having your social network links at your website will connect you with former, current and potential clients who wants to know more details about your service. Show your links clearly to let clients takes action, he/she could come to your site once so take advantage of this opportunity.

Social Network Your Clients

Did you use all the suggested marketing 2.0 strategies and failed? Share your experience below.

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