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It’s not the haircut, it’s the experience!

by Mohammed on June 26, 2011

It’s just another day that I go to the barber. Nothing new, going on time so nobody take my place and reading some magazines which all of them talk about Kim Kardashian!

The cleaner at the barber bought Perfect Pushup and he was trying to make some push-ups while all the barbers are making fun of him! Here is what happened:

1 – All barbers did a push-up.

2 – All customers did a push-up (including me).

3 – All customers decided to order Perfect Pushup (including me).

4 – Everyone was HAPPY, period.

Happy customers > strength relationship > build trust   > story telling  > word of mouth > $$$

Here is what the barber can do to keep or bring more customers or to make new business:

1 – Make a show case for Perfect Pushup or any other tool that the barbers can experience in front of the customers. They will buy because I did.

2 – Make it competitive for the customer by offering free haircut, hair color, etc.

3 – Make a record table for the winners to build emotional connection with the brand (barber shop) and to make other customers ask about that table.

4 – Share some pictures on the barber Facebook page or Twitter. Other customers will like to have that experience.

The customers are coming to have their haircut done but if you have it done with a remarkable experience, they will come back again and again. BTW, I did not notice my new haircut until I get back home and my mother told me about it. I was enjoying the experience during the haircut.

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