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My Father, My Brand Inspiration – Part 2

by Mohammed on May 6, 2012

It was 10 minutes after 8:00am when I heard my family crying after receiving a phone call from the hospital. It was May 7, 2007, I remember that day in every detail. Before one day, I was in the hospital and for a moment I didn’t feel that my father was good, I felt something inside me, he had quadriplegia, he can’t move or talk. I kissed his hand and left.

In My Father, My Brand Inspiration – Part 1, I wrote about my father’s core values: passion, consensus, honesty, energetic, patience and faith.

In part 2, I will share what I learned in life after what my father raised in me. Here are another set of attributes that my father’s brand shine with:


“Salah Saleh was behind my new national record”, that statement is the title written on the newspaper. Mr. Abbas Jabbar is the new national hammer throw champion, my father’s record stand for 16 years and here is the story of the new record as translated from Mr. Jabbar’s interview.

“Salah Saleh was in the same military unit as mine, he was the national champion. I was watching him closely and watch how he throw the hammer. I even sometimes bring the hammer for him. With his support and encouragement and even the game is difficult, requires good technique and a lot of physical exams, I started to understand the game with all its tricks. Under his supervision and coaching, I broke the record”.

That’s one of my father brand attributes that created his unique personal brand, a brand that friends and family keep talking about it today even after five years, this is What Would You Like Someone to Say About You at Your Funeral?

As Mohammed today, I learned after all these years that selfishness in management is a cancer and paralyze the entire management system or project.  As in my current role as Chief Experience Officer, one thing I remind my team and upper leadership about is that I am building a management system that can run without my continuous presence, If I created that, I will consider myself successful, If I don’t and everything must run with my presence then I am kind of selfish. Just distinguish between being aggressive and selfish. When I hear that I left a value and good standing system in my previous roles, I knew that I am branding myself to unselfishness.


My father can start and engage in a conversation with anyone, he can make fun with kids and seniors. He is a master when it comes to social life. He is not arrogant and everybody loves him, he don’t let others feel he is more important than them.

I learned that being humble is what makes friends, team or anyone you meet feel comfortable to connect with you in the future. Your charisma is what makes your personal brand unique and being humble can surround you with a network that you could need their help one day. I meet a lot of arrogant friends and till today, I don’t understand what the point of being arrogant in this short life. Being humble become like a Trust Agent for the team, people like humble person, they feel she/he close to them than a boss who just say hi and bye! until we have robots who the run the company, remember we are dealing with humans like us.


My father care about people he know and don’t know, he care about people walking on the street or even driving., he give preference to others, he give preference to others when driving even if he stop for 15min.! he is ready to cancel an important meeting if he want to help someone. He always want to make others happy, he used to buzz me to help people when they need it, he is doing it for no return, it’s just make him happy.

I am still learning that people don’t have good times everyday and that neglecting people emotions or feelings could result in weakening the team’s morals or demotivating employees to work, being thoughtful is attribute we should have, we all have to understand what the “Unknown” said:

“If we all understood that everyone has their own battles to fight, insecurities to face, loves to contend and goals to attain, the world would be a gentler place.”

When companies started to have a role like Chief Emotions Officer, it means that businesses started to care about employees and customers emotions, employees are not human resources, they are partners in your overall success or failure, we have to provide a culture and environment that makes everyone comfortable else you will end with more turn-over, resources wasted, and null referrals. Employees can create better customer experience, better business and better system. The sales minute, the decision change in choosing products, the click for putting an item in the cart are all reside in people’s emotions at that minute, your unsubconscious mind, that’s where it started, somebody who is thoughtful about others.

At the end, no one is perfect but I am sure that I and my sisters raised in a good hands, Allah bless his soul.

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