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by Mohammed on May 11, 2010

This is the 5th article of 1212 project. In case you miss them, read them from here: 6 Ways To Destroy Your Personal Brand, How Dubai Builds Brands, ALTAEE Wikipedia: Brand, Branding, Personal Brand and Personal Branding & 31 Tasks a Job Seekers Can Do Every Month.

I’m a big fan of quotes. I tweet a lot of amazing quotes on Twitter and sharing part of the best on Facebook. I even allocated a sub-page on my blog for my favorite quotes in Arabic and English.

After publishing my first set of quotes, I saw a lot of tweeting, and interactions  specially on Personal Branding Guy Facebook page. I’m so happy and proud that my quotes add value or spark motivation even if its to one person.

Today, I will share another 100 quotes wising that my quotes will make you think behind the text for a moment and motivate you to achieve your dream.

Don’t forget to comment below to tell me which one you will  like the most?

Disclaimer: Feel free to use any of these quotes for personal or business purposes, as long as you cite my full name OR my Twitter handle @maltaee

“Give yourself permission to be the best, highest version of yourself.”

Great performance never comes if you are waiting for someone else to act your actions.

The personal brand is not something one finds suddenly. It is something one creates by time.

To show the magic within you,  find who believes in you.

To keep silent and look ignorant is better than to talk and prove it.

It is a beautiful thing to accidentally hear somebody say something good about you.

“You can always become someone else but it won’t guarantee you success all the time.”

“Failing from learning is the real failure. Learning from failing is the real success.”

“I wouldn’t have achieved it if I hadn’t believed it.”

Even when you become jobless, don’t stop making a difference within your sphere of influence.

“Many people spend most of their life trying to become someone else instead of proving themselves.”

“Always follow the people that navigates you to the right path.”

Persistence is the true measure of your belief in yourself.”

Failure to change your surroundings will only make things worse.

You can’t become successful if you’re not willing to give something without expecting something in return.

“You can find everything you need If you empower your enthusiasm with believe.”

Don’t hesitate or let your fears control you, give yourself a favor and take action when it is needed.

Never underestimate yourself even if you are lacking a skill.

Every day that you spend on tasks that don’t teach you something is a day you can never recover.

“Enriching your knowledge is worth everything you pay.

The fastest way to become CEO is by being the CEO of your own company: Me Inc.

The most powerful element in your resume is the truth.

Personal Branding is brainstorming yourself to find what you are great at.

Contentment is looking in the mirror and be happy with who you are.

Social media is ice block without human conversations.

You are on your way to having a powerful brand if you articulate your unique value in a way that resonates with your core audience.

“Personal branding outcome is influencing people to makes you a story telling.

Nobody in this world can destroy your attitude without your permission. Never give it.”

Be a leader of YOU. Lead yourself as you have led others.

“If your personal brand is something you put on and take off like a hat then make an appointment with psychoanalyst NOW.”

“The highest level of personal branding is when you put yourself to serve others needs and to help them perform at their best.”

“Start with a positive feedback if you want to create change in others.”

“Nobody is perfect, it is an excuse to brand you.”

“Train skill, build character and protect reputation.”

“The good leaders interact with others, the best leaders inspire leadership in others, the real leaders build confidence in other.”

“Your positive mind affects everything around you, so  it is fundamental factor to change your current and future standing.”

“Your external brand can never be stronger than your internal brand.”

“Be happy you are you.”

“Build it and they will come” mentality… you have to exercise your branding muscles daily.”

“You cannot control what people think of you, but you can influence what people think of you.”

“If you live in your own personal reality, you will be ground by your own personal set of rules and limited by your vision.”

“The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose, tie or even win.”

“Dreaming like a child, is  the best way to re-generate your big dreams. ”

“No matter what your official title is, you are a salesperson of yourself.”

“You jeopardize your future when you lie about your past.”

“Double check everything, be prepared for unexpected setbacks, the  more prepared you are, the more confidence you will have. ”

“Mastering one’s future must start with managing one’s self.”

“The more information you take into your mind consistent with success, the more likely it is that you will develop the willpower to push you through the obstacles and difficulties you would experience.”

“Upgrade yourself to a new version of YOU but don’t upgrade to another person.”

“Don’t hide what makes you different.”

“It is only when you understand and accept your own self, then you can begin moving forward in the success path.”

“Authenticity is sexy, and it goes hand in hand with confidence.”

“Never be afraid to be yourself. Be yourself all the time, If others don’t like you, let them go… there are more who loves you.”

“Accept people for who they are. Accept yourself, without judgment, as you are.”

“Authenticity shine your brand faster than anything else.”

“Be willing to admit that you are not perfect, this is a mark of intelligence and courage.”

“Accept yourself, DON’T let fear or pain run your life.”

“Always remember the compliments that you received. Forget about the rude remarks. REMEMBER: You are special and unique.”

“Before everyone… become a fan of YOU!”

“To be truly successful, you need a clear sense of direction, to feel that your life stands for something, and to believe that you are making a valuable contribution to the world.”

“FOCUS less on WHAT you do and more on HOW you do it.”

“You can always tell what your beliefs really are by looking at your actions. There is no other way.”

“If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

“Think and behave like a CEO.”

“You will never be successful at a job that you don’t like.”

Disclaimer: Feel free to use any of these quotes for personal or business purposes, as long as you cite my full name OR my Twitter handle @maltaee

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