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Top Personal Branding Experts on Twitter

by Mohammed on October 17, 2009

Friday! It is a holiday here in Amman, Jordan. I woke up lately and jumped (as usual) from bed to computer :-) I refreshed the web page but there was a problem, I made few check-ups to the operating system settings, hardware connection and access point. As usual, it was the Internet service provider problem, ORANGE  > I wonder if anyone can get the help-desk support from the first call or not wasting 30 minutes of his time!

After I had the delicious spicy chicken meal, I checked the Internet and thank Allah, Its working. I checked my Emails especially my favorite from the Personal Branding Blog. click some articles and …

Personal Branding Blog

I was named as one of the 60 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter.  I wasn’t on Twitter before 1 year and I didn’t grasp the personal branding  concept before 2 years but only my passion drove me to be on that list.

I believe in what George Foreman said “The biggest challenge in anyone’s life in making yourself a success is understanding that you are at the bottom. The toughest step is to say “I’m at the bottom and I got to go up.”

I’m humbled and honored for this achievement which will inspire me to spread the branding message.

30 Personal Branding Experts on Twitter

30 More Personal Branding Experts on Twitter

If you wanna follow both lists and more personal branding experts with 1 click then just follow my list:

100+ Top Personal Branding Experts on Twitter

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