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I started this blog to share what I have learned, drawing on my deep experience in technology, social media, and customer service. I bring professionals and business owners information and perspectives that drive true value in their careers and businesses to stand out, not just fit in.

From 2003-2005, I worked as an IT Manager with an employment and vocational training program in Baghdad, Iraq. There were millions of job seekers after the war, and we were working to develop programming to help as many of them as possible. Though my primary responsibility was to maintain the IT and training facilities in 19 employment and vocational centers, I ended up personally meeting more than 5,000 people who were looking for work.  Every one of them had the same traditional resume that didn’t show even 10% of their unique strengths.

Moved by the needs of so many people, I began volunteering my assistance both online and offline for those who were not really aware of who they were or what the possibilities were. I helped job seekers discover where they wanted to go with their careers and brand themselves to stand out from the competition. That was my inspiration to combine my career experience, my knowledge about new media tools, and my enthusiasm for personal branding into this blog.

My Role Models:

My Father: …My father was passionate about helping every person he knew, and he would spend days under Baghdad’s hot sun teaching hammer throwers how to make the best throws. Abbas Ibrahim was one of his students, and he broke my father’s record, one that stood for 19 years. My father trained Abbas to break his record without selfishly thinking about himself… click here to read more about my father’s brand.

Michael Jordan: He was my champion when I played basketball. I love his passion for the game, and I get inspired by his quotes, books, and ads. It is a dream of mine to meet him and have a picture of us together to remember the day.

Steve Jobs: I respect his brand because it took him years of innovation, clarity and perseverance to build his character. It seems it’s too late to to interview him as I wished, rest in peace.

Roger Federer: Persistent in breaking all tennis records, it took him time, effort, and patience to achieve what he wanted. He is a humble man with a superior history. I wish to meet him someday.

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Do you find your business struggling to find the right online tool that engage your customers?

Does your business looking to design a remarkable experience for your customers?

Are you looking for solid guidance in establishing and promoting your corporate brand?

Would an exciting speaker who engages and focuses your teams help you reach your goals?

If you are nodding your head to any of those questions, click here to learn more on how we can partner for your success!

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